Why Improvise?

Improvising can be described simply as, “playing along with other people’s music”, and, “making up something on the spur of the moment that sounds good”.

Many instrumental programs of instruction leave improvisation entirely to chance. Classical instruction, which has a long history, focuses on reading and playing other people’s music. While playing the great works of the greatest composers is very developmental and uplifting, the player is still limited to creatively playing these pieces as written.

Improvisation connects to the core of a musician’s creativity and personality in a more obvious way. Learning to play other people’s creations should be balanced, from the very beginning, with improvisation, in the same way that learning to read other people’s creations should be balanced with creative writing.

Improvising is fun, and can provide a success every minute. Improvisation is key to a person’s lifelong enjoyment of music, and it should be developed in a systematic way, from early on


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