How to Insert Links Into Blogs

You are encouraged to share links from this website with your students. Here’s how you can link resources from this website into your class blog posts.


  1. Find the file you wish to link to. RightClick the link you want and select Copy Link Location.
  2. In the WordPress Entry Editor input the text you want the parents to have to click on to open the file. (i.e.: CLICK HERE to open Pop Goes The Weasel)
  3. Highlight the text with your cursor, and select “Insert/Edit Link” from the WordPress toolbar. (This icon looks like a closed chain link)
  4. In the pop up window, click the box that says Link URL: and then press CTRL+V to paste in the link you copied earlier.
  5. In the pull down menu, next to Target, select Open In New Window.
  6. Leave the other fields blank, and click Insert.
  7. Continue working on blog as desired. Don’t forget to select your category (School) before publishing!

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